Lugagge Sets

Lightweight luggage is our faithful companion during the holidays and on business. Its quality and functionality largely determine the absence of an unfortunate accident during a trip.

Andiamo Company produces a variety of bags for travelling, range size and weight, material,number of wheels and additional accessories. Choosing the desired model in our online shop should not be difficult.

The requirements  for road bags  vary depending on the nature and duration of travel and frequency of planned trips.

For business travel for short periods to one person may be sufficient light suitcase or a small bag of hand luggage. In this case, during the flight your luggage not only stays with you but it also  avoids additional financial charges.

In our shop regularly held sales light luggage for carry-on luggage, which will make the purchase a pleasant and affordable for you.

Lightweight luggage is also different depending on the material. As an alternative to the usual fabric, the market has recently appeared suitcases from solid materials, in particular of plastic. The main advantage of the solid strength of the baggage is, the ability to withstand heavy loads. With such a suitcase, you can be sure about the valuable and fragile items inside. Suitcases of solid materials have a stylish design and look very presentable, easy to care for and hard-wearing.

Dimensions of hard suitcases of Andiamo solid luggage range from small to large light suitcases, very roomy luggage for traveling families. Lots of interesting and hard suitcases models  you can get in our shop.

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